The Biggest Shopping Day Ever.

Guys can you believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving?! I’m so ready to cook up a yummy feast with all the sides! I gotta carb load before my favorite day of the year, Black Friday! It’s no surprise I love to shop and while I’m sadly not in Disney for this day, I still wanna post about the deals you can find!

Photo from the disney blog.

If you’ll be celebrating this holiday in Disney, you might want to hop over to Disney Springs where they got doorbuster deals!

One deal you can get is on this super cute snowman sipper! What more could you want he lights up different colors, projects holiday greetings and is wearing Mickey ears. This would make a great gift for teachers, bosses or that person in your life that’s always talking about reuseable straws (that’s me)!

The next deal you can snag is this advent calendar of Disney themed socks! There are 12 pairs of socks, it’s a mix of ankle socks and dress socks. This will cost you $20 dollars plus tax, but thats a savings of $10 dollars off the regular price! This would make a fun gift for that person that always has cold feet or someone who wears Christmas socks all year round, we all know someone like that right?

I had to save the biggest and best deal for last! This super cute Santa Mickey backpack is amazing and sure to fly off the shelves. If you travel to Disney alot you know the importance of backpacks, you never really realize how much stuff you carry (and accumulate) while walking through the parks! This backpack normally retails for $90.00 and that’s quite the price tag, on black friday this bag will only run you $50 plus tax! A $40 dollar savings, that’s some Disney magic!

Will you be heading out on black friday or relaxing on your couch with leftovers and Disney+?


Remember to always ask about Annual Passholder and DVC discounts to save you even more right before the Holidays!

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