Holidays at Old Key West!

Man oh man is Old Key West is my favorite resort, growing up this is where we would always stay. Christmas time is my favorite time and thanks to the internet I can see my favorite resort all decorated for the holidays.

I gotta say on my November trip to Disney I stopped by the Old Key West just to walk around on my last day. I love this little general store and I love it even more all decorated for the holidays! I love to shop and that’s no secret so before even checking in I would pop in the shop even as a kid with my mom!

Speaking of checking in, look how beautiful the Lobby is decorated! This lobby has seen more of me then I like to admit! Many days waiting for the Magical Express, waiting while my dad made sure he asked all the workers if they were having a good day, and oh yeah that time I spent FOREVER in here when I was stuck here during Hurricane Irma! There are so many memories in the Lobby of this hotel. It’s so crazy how Disney has that magic of making everything so immersive that you truly forget about anything that isn’t Disney- related!

Oliva’s all covered in garland and lights while being such cute beauty colors makes me so happy, it literally reminds me of a Hallmark movie! While I haven’t eaten here since becoming vegan, I have heard only amazing things about the chickpea and quinoa croquettes! On one of my upcoming trips I’m staying here and will for sure make a reservation to give them a try!

The nautical detail in every decoration is so fun and with the temperatures of Florida, much more appropriate decor! These would look so cute in a summer cottage for “Christmas in July”. I’m feeling a DIY project coming on…

I couldn’t end this blog in any other way than with this video of me and my dad (my boyfriend and brother were in the back seat laughing) exploring after Hurricane Irma!


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