A Click Down Memory Lane!

You can thank me now. That seems like a cocky opening line, I know but once you see this early Christmas gift I found for y’all, you’ll just get it.

Photo from Nerdism

We’re going back to simpler times! I know you all remember these games and spending hours playing them. I used to be absolutely objessed with these, so I decided to do some research.

I can almost taste the White cheddar popcorn I used to snack on while I would play these in the family computer room, (i know you used to have one too). Things have changed for me and many others since the 2000’s and computer rooms are no longer a thing and you sit around for hours playing games at the age of 25. On a serious note, does anyone else remember that popcorn making your fingers smell weird, or am I crazy?

Photo from Clipart.

I’m not going to keep walking you down memory lane without telling you the gift any longer! A very kind soul has PUT THESE GAMES BACK ONLINE! Yup, you read it right.. I found a site you can still play these games on. I couldn’t keep this to myself and I truly couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday.


Comment the first game you’re going to play when you’re done reading!

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