Save that Movie Stub!

When Frozen came out it was absolute box office gold for Disney. People couldn’t let it go but did it carry enough strength for the sequel? Of course it did, it’s been reported that Disney made 8.5 million dollars on opening night in the United States!

Photo from Disney.

I should have known it was going to be good when Elsa pulled an Ariana Grande and let her hair down! I’m heading to see this movie later this week when the buzz slows down. Let me know what you thought about the film, but please no spoilers!

Photo from Disney.

The opening numbers is not what this blog is about. Last night I was scrolling on twitter and stumbled across what the tickets for Frozen 2 looked like in Korea, and my face was a mixture af Anna and Elsa’s faces above!!

Photo from Twitter
Photo from Twitter
Photo from Twitter

These little tickets are literal art! I have never in my life have been jealous of someones movie ticket until right now. All movie tickets should look like this, almost everyone I meet says they keep their movie tickets! I would love to add one of these to my collection. I think Korea got the right idea with these movie tickets, and Disney should make these a thing over here in the US.

Photo from Disney

Do you save your movie stubs, would you if they looked like this? Here’s to hoping we get these on the next Disney box office hit!


For a sweet & salty snack at the movies mix your favorite chocolate candy, like m&m or reeses pieces in with your popcorn while you munch!

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