The Most Magical Ride.

Chances are if you’ve stayed in a Disney resort, you’ve probably taken the Magical Express.

Photo from Disney

The Magical Express is for guests staying at Disney resorts. If your new to this service, its basically a free ride to your hotel from the airport, oh and did I mention they grab your bags for you. All of these reservations need to be made in advance. It’s super conveinent and the drivers are always very friendly, it ensures you have a magical experience as soon as you hop of the plane!

Photo from Flickr

Personally I usually take the Magical Express on my way to my resort and Uber back to the airport. The only catch to the Magical Express is that they pick you up 3 hours before your flight, which makes sense if you’re a family traveling and will need extra time at the airport. By now you guys probably know I travel solo, and usually only take a carry-on so I’m good on the extra airport time. Of course, there’s a method to the Disney madness and you should take in all considerations before trying to just uber.

Photo from Flickr

Picture it, Disney World, 2019 (I hope some of you got that Golden Girls reference). It was my checkout day and I was hopping around the Disney Springs like it was no ones business, I decided to head back to the hotel grab a quick bite and call an uber to the airport. If only it was that easy, uber had a crazy price increase that I wasn’t aware of, so it was going to cost me $75.00 dollars to get to the airport instead of the normal $25! I still had plenty of time to make my flight but I was for sure cutting it close with only 2 hours for travel time and getting through security. I headed to the front desk and explained what was going on and it’s like Tinkerbell herself sprinkled pixie dust for me, there was a Magical Express bus outside and the driver said he had room for one more! He was the nicest driver I’ve ever met he waited with me to get my bags, stored them for me and proceeded to listen to my 100 “oh my gosh, youre literally a life savers”. I got on and it was a quick and comfortable ride to the airport! Growing up I would always take the Magical Express with my dad and watch him tip the driver, so my whole life I thought this was normal, I mean it made sense. I was sitting in the front of the bus so I was one of the first people off, and I had a choice to make, I only had a 20 dollar bill on me (since I planned on taking an uber) so I said, what the heck I’ll just give this driver the 20, I mean I would have been spending it anyways, I handed him the tip as I hopped off the bus and waited for my luggage. This is when things got not so magical, I watched every single person get off the bus, and not tip this guy, even though he loaded the luggage in and out and provided and excellent ride. It made me so sad, I had always seem people tip growing up my whole life and as an adult I watched not one single person do it, and some not even looking at him as they stepped off. I’m not telling you guys hand over a $20 everytime, or even anytime, just a buck or two or at least a thank you!


Be kind to the cast members in Disney, I know we imagine that they always have the best job in the world, but some days are not as magical as we think, remember to treat everyone as you would like to be treated and that you’re on vacation and this is someones work day. 🙂

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