A Giant Disney Auction is Coming up!

HOT DIGGITY DOG! Van Eaton Galleries is putting on a massive Disney auction and you can bid online!

The auction will have over 1,500 items including history from both Disney World and Disney Land. The first half of the auction will be Disney Land based and will take place on December 7th at 10 am PT. The following day December 8th at 10 am PT will be Disney World based.

Photo from Pinterest.

Even if you’re not shopping it’d s great walk down memory lane to look through the catalogs and see what they’re selling!

One thought on “A Giant Disney Auction is Coming up!

  1. I have some awesome photos of Disney Magic Kingdom, from 1976, the only park back then, lol, the tall parade figures, the castle with waterfall on sides of castle, and also remember when castle was a giant pink cake, ahhhh good memories, was awesome looking thru catalog, lots of memories, Thank you Walt for your vision.

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