Casey’s Vegan Slaw Dog Review.

I gotta start this blog off by saying I’m so so grateful to have so many plant-based options in the Disney Parks! It was my first time as a vegan in the parks and I was so happy I didn’t have to worry about missing out on yummy Disney food. Okay, okay, let’s get into this blog about the plant based slaw dog.

Photo from TripAdvisor.

I popped in here closer to the end of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and I’m glad I did! There was so much going on that night I forgot how hungry I was, and to my surprise it wasn’t busy at all. I headed up to the counter and happily ordered a number four with fries.

It was POURING the night of the Christmas party so I was just excited to sit indoors, I grabbed my food and beelined to the last table. I should have grabbed a fork because this slaw dog was sloppy!

The hot dog was a hot Italian beyond sausage topped with a pickled slaw a roasted corn relish and a BBQ Aïoli on a potato bun. This was such a delicious treat but I truly regret not grabbing a fork. The BBQ aïoli was absolutely the best part, like please sell that in a bottle Disney! The flavors worked perfectly together, the sweetness of the corn went really well with the slaw and the heat was cooled down by the aïoli. I did have to give up on the dog a little after half way through because the bun didn’t hold together very well. I will absolutely be getting this again when I’m traveling with someone who will remind me to get a fork!

I mean how great is that Christmas cup!


Ask for EXTRA BBQ Aïoli, you won’t regret it!

2 thoughts on “Casey’s Vegan Slaw Dog Review.

  1. I think Disney realizes that many people are vegans, or gluten free folks that they always make the dollars, so they offered a nice array of delightful foods to enjoy. I know Disney has been getting better and better each year, as more folks with above likes need to eat, and Disney trips, lets face it cost the most, meaning more Disney money from there visitors, so I know some of my Family are plant based or gluten free, and Disney accommodates all of them, As for me I’m a meat and potato guy and will enjoy every delish food through out Disney property.


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