Are FuelRods Actually Worth it?

Picture it, you’re on Main Street USA about to get the perfect castle shot and.. your phone dies. It happens to all of us, maybe we forgot to plug in, maybe we wake up to the realization that your phone was plugged in and didn’t actually charge. In true Disney fashion, they got us covered, with FuelRods. I was skeptical at first, but now that I have one, I’m never going to be caught without it.

I know a couple people are probably like what is a FuelRod, and honestly it’s just your basic portable phone charger. What’s cool about the FuelRod is that you can buy them in the Disney Parks (and many other locations in the US) and you can swap it for a fully charged one if yours happens to die after charging your phone all day in the parks. The fee for a swappable FuelRod is $30.00 and it comes fully charged with unlimited free swaps, the best part is that it’s yours to keep!

It comes in this little tube that is full of all the things you need to charge all types of phones, and to charge the FuelRod when you’re using it at home!

I had no problem finding any of the swapping stations at the parks or in the resorts. I just did a quick Google search of where they would be or simply asked a castmember!

Photo from Budget Mouse.

The swiping machines were super easy to use and super cute! Everything was super user friendly and I never came across a broken down machine. While I was at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party this thing was a life safer! I was taking a lot of pictures and posting more than usual. I think this is well worth the $30.00 dollars, especially when traveling alone! If you are traveling with family or friends you only need to purchase one since you can swap it out whenever it dies!

An Objessed Tip is always leave it in your Disney travel bag, so you can start swapping as soon as you get back to the Parks without a worry!

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