Disney+ is Finally Here!

I was going through the Disney Blues after my trip, I know you’re all probably very familiar with that feeling. Coming home after being in the most magical place is always so sad, but Disney+ is here to save the day!

Photo from Forbes.

Yesterday morning my boyfriend decided we needed Disney+ (with help from my obsessive hinting and the mention of ESPN). We decided to get the bundle that includes Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ for $12.99.

After a couple server delays I officially could watch The Sound of Music, I forgot how much I loved this movie! I saw a lot of negative comments about the lagging the app experienced, but I kind of expected it, when Disney does something, they really do it and I can’t even being to fathem how many people were trying to watch at once!

The layout is great, similar to most streaming services. You can switch between the main categories like Star Wars or National Geographic to quickly find the content you’d like to watch. The amount of content already on the app is amazing, with vaulted classics, a whole section of musicals, and throwback shows! Who knows what else Disney will be putting up as time goes on. I’m excited that for the colder months I’ll always have something to watch, with a Disney mug full of tea!

What was the first thing you watched on Disney+?

One thought on “Disney+ is Finally Here!

  1. Just read that the glitches are fixed and back to Disney normal, a lot of folks will love that ESPN package, it handles keeping the Family happy, and also keeping Dad happy watching ESPN, so enjoy, and also after a Disney vacation, leading experts mention you should take 2 extra days off to adjust to those Disney blues after vacation.


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