All Star Music Room Review

I just got back from an amazing solo trip staying at Disney’s All Star Music Resort. I have always heard these are the “low quality” resorts, and I have to disagree! While they are not The Grand Floridian, they do the trick!

Photo from The Orlando Weekly.

My ride from the Magical express was great and the check in process was a breeze! I will say the customer service here is impeccable. I got helped quickly and when I said I wouldn’t be needing Mousekeeping, she sent me a 30 dollar gift card in an email to use on property! The best part of it all was my room was ready, at 11:30ish AM! If you go to Disney you know that it always takes forever to get into your room! I had a super early flight and had been up since 4 in the morning, so being able to hop right to my room was a blessing!

Photo from Trip Advisor.

I was staying in the Country Fair building (fitting since I live in Texas) and it was WAYY in the back, which was fine when I wasnt carrying my very heavy luggage. I’m for sure an over packer, and was only traveling with a carry-on so it was jam packed. I was offered assistance with my luggage at check in, but I turned it down, I was so excited to get into my room after traveling.

I stayed in a standard studio, and off the bat it looks like most other studio rooms around Disney property. A place to lay your head, a place to eat (or work in my case), and somewhere to store your clothes, and of course a tv. The only difference was how dated everything was. However, they have started renovations in this resort, and I was lucky enough to peak in a few open doors and see how beautiful they’re going to be! I didn’t take any pictures out of respect for the workers. I can tell you in the new rooms the tv will be mounted on the wall, and some rooms looked as if they were getting a pull out couch instead of having another bed. Personally, I think this is going to really open up the small space. The new artwork was cartoony yet modern and seemed to match the art they have in the cafe.

I didn’t particularly care fore the bathroom layout, I feel like the space could have been utilized better. Luckily for me this was a solo trip and I wasn’t sharing that space with anyone! I’m sure this is something they are addressing in the remodel. I did notice that when people in other rooms flushed the toilet I could hear it, and that was a little offsetting, but how much time do we really spend in the hotel room anyways?

They did have a in room delivery menu, that included pizza and wings but they also had a plant based option on there that made me really happy!

This was the view from my window, I liked that there was plenty of greenery and even some spread out picnic tables to enjoy. I will absolutely be checking out this resort again after the renovations!

One of my favorite things was the note and Minnie card (that I will be using as a bookmark) left on my bed upon check in! Let me know if you’ve ever stayed here or have a planned trip coming up in the comments!

One thought on “All Star Music Room Review

  1. Well place looks awesome, and happy that Disney always refreshes rooms every so many years, for the money Disney charges, they definitely have to keep updating, and as usual, the grounds are meticulous maintained as they should be, no matter what hotel property you enjoy, from the Grand Floridian thru the All star, everyone who is doling out the dough deserves the magical upkeep, and sounds as if the guest relations folks are more pleasant than the more affluent Disney Resorts, sometimes the more wealthy resorts are somewhat snobbish lol, Glad you enjoyed your trip, keep up the great work Jessica, always fun to read and wish I was back there enjoying life.


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