Shop Small!

If you’re anything like me and spend a little too much time scrolling through the Instagram explore page you know the small shop spiral. I thought it would be a great idea to start highlighting the shops I personally can’t get enough of! The first shop I want to feature is *drumroll please* Hundred Acre Threads!

I stumbled across her shop on Instagram and have been stalking it ever since! I mean look at those ratings, 5 stars with 71 reviews and favorited 204 times. I needed to know how one person shares this much magic, so I asked a couple questions and Stephanie was more than happy to let us know!

Stephanie with Mickey and Minnie and them holding Mickey and Minnie Hats

I’m still questioning how someones hair can look that amazing after being in the parks all day!? Maybe she is a real Disney princess!

Hollywood Studios Sorcerer Hat

Hundred Acre Thread is an “embroidery shop inspired by the magic” and focuses mainly on hats, and they are literally beautiful! You’re a real Disney OG if you remember that sorcerer hat in Hollywood Studios! Let’s get into it and see how she shares the magic!

Sidekick series

Why did you start your shop?

“Ever since I was a kid I was absolutely obsessed with Disney even though I wasn’t able to visit the parks as a kid I watched every movie multiple times a day. When I was 18 I finally was able to visit Disney World and was completely changed and knew that I would make Disney a part of my life forever somehow. When I went to college I was a participant in the Disney College Program twice where I worked in Frontierland and as a character attendant in EPCOT. After I left I still needed my Disney fix and that’s how Hundred Acre Threads was created.”

What is your favorite park?

“I have a special place in my heart for EPCOT because it was my home as a character attendant but also because I love the festivals and the idea of being able to experience all the different cultures and I especially cannot wait for all the new additions to EPCOT!!!”

Incredibles hat

Best Disney Memory?

“My favorite Disney memory has to be when I was working down in Disney World and my Dad came to visit me. He was never at Disney and was able to finally go because I worked there. When I saw my 50-something year old Dad run around Disney World like he was 5 years old and was so excited about everything there, it opened my eyes {to} what Disney does, it takes away all the worries of the adult world and makes you think and believe like a kid again and seeing my Dad’s face when that happened will always be my favorite memory.”

Favorite Disney Quote & Why?

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

 “This is my favorite quote because after reading this was when I officially hit the open button on my shop.”

Disney World or Disney Land?

“Yes, it is true I did cry when I walked into Disneyland because Walt Disney once walked in that park but I {think} Disney World will always be my home and my favorite. I love the different hotels, parks, and restaurants. I love that Disney World is its own bubble and it fully transports you to the Disney magic.”

Sensational six series

I mean COME ON, these hats are a work of art! If you wanna see more of her work give her a follow on Instagram and check out her Etsy shop! Of course y’all will be the first to see my CUSTOM hat (because she also does those) as soon as I recieve it!

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