All Star Music Vegan Review

If you’ve been following my blog for a bit now, you might know that I’m slowly touring all of the All Star Resorts before they get a facelift! My most recent trip was to the All Star Music Resort, and my first stay as a vegan.

Photo from The Orlando Weekly.

I don’t know about you but when I go on a Disney Vacation I don’t worry so much about what I’m eating, I mean I’m averaging 20,000 steps a day! Let’s just say I was ready for some vegan junk food! Disney recently rolled out new plant based menu items around the parks/resorts so naturally I was ecstatic to be able to just order without so many worries.

If you wanna read more on the new plant based role out here’s a link –

My first night at the resort after a long day in the parks and an even longer day traveling, I figured I’d grab a plant based burger and watch the Little Mermaid Live Special. I walked up to the counter to order and asked for the plant based burger, with just cheese and pickles, the castmember taking my order was super friendly and told me he just had to ask the chef and he came back and confirmed I could order it that way. My burger was delivered to me I was so excited to go eat my simple burger after getting drenched walking back to my room! You know those infamous Florida thunderstorms don’t mix well when you’re in the last building.

Photo from ABC

I find the channel, plop down to enjoy dinner and watch this production, open up my burger… and it’s the wrong burger. I received the regular plant based option, which was a garlic “cheddar” burger and totally not what I was in the mood for. I’ll admit I let the hanger take over and placed a call to the front desk to see if I could have someone bring me the right burger so I didn’t have to walk back in the rain. After a couple phone line transfers, a little bit of attitude and an hour later, I got my burger and a refund for the meal. I have to say, it was a basic plant based burger with only daiya cheese on it (they don’t even carry pickles) so I didn’t snap a pic.

I decided to give the food court another chance and try some vegan pizza on a different night. There was a small language barrier and I ended up with two of these GIANT slices of pizza and it was for sure enough to feed a family of 3 or 4. I ate about half of one slice and was full. It didn’t take too long for the chef to prepare this for me which was a big bonus! Again, the service was amazing, the cast members in this food court are crushing the customer service! The pizza itself was decent, the sauce was a little sweet if that’s your cup of tea and the dough was very soft with nice crispy edges. I think this would have been better if eaten in the cafe, as opposed to traveling back to my room with it!

There were a couple of other options listed on the menu’s one was a ratatouille with grilled polenta, a veggie wrap with quinoa and Thai sweet coconut onigiri. They also had a dessert which was a vegan brownie dough cup!

The brownie was yummy! I had to have a couple bites before I even took the picture! It was SUPER sweet and had a similar texture to Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough. I could only have a couple of bites because for some reason my sweet tooth has disappeared. (My waist line is NOT mad at that!)

Photo from Trip Advisor

This for sure was not my favorite food but the customer service will have me back in for a drink if I find myself staying here again!

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