A lil’ Extra Magnet Magic!

Spooky Season seemed to fly by this year but Disney is already churning out some holiday magic for us! We all love our passholder magnets and for the first time ever, we’re getting a set! YUP THAT’S RIGHT, two magnets!

Seriously look at how cute these guys are, I’m a sucker for Chip and Dale and an even bigger sucker for Christmas! These will be available for the International Festival of the Holidays at Epcot this year. There will be about a month to snag these guys up starting November 29th and ending December 30th. These are FREE for annual passholders and you can pick them up at Mouse Gears in Epcot. I’m so sad I’ll be missing out on these guys… maybe I should start planning another quick solo trip. (My wallet is shaking in the other room).


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