I’m aware that I’m VERY VERY late to the beignet party at Disney World, but now I feel the need to scream it from the rooftops! (Well really just in my apartment at my desk, but still.)

Let me catch you up, The Scat Cat Club in Port Orleans – French Quarter serves beignets in many different forms, boozy, vegan & gluten free, and seasonal PUMPKIN SPICE.

I know what you’re thinking, Jess you said they were FREE! You thought Disney wasn’t going to have a catch?! You have to be an annual pass holder to get your hands on three of those yummy clouds of sugar. If you’re not an annual pass holder, don’t worry because even we have a catch, you HAVE to purchase a specialty beverage. The cost is quite low here luckily three beignets will only cost you 4.99.

Now this special offer is only available until January 4th, luckily I will be in Disney to take advantage of this offer and I absolutely will and don’t you worry, I’ll for sure be back with a review of those vegan beignets!

If you need instant gratification like me I included a link to one of the best beignet mixes I know of, Cafe Du Monde! If you use the link I will get a small percentage of the sale for more trips to Disney to keep y’all up to date!


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