Just a lil’ Cast Member Love

Disney is known as “the most magical place” on Earth, and I believe it should be that way for Cast members as well! I stumbled across an article today about how awful some guests are to the Cast Members and it literally made me sick!

Cast members are people! I know people forget that for whatever reason while on vacation, but try and remember you never know what is going on in someones life, they are just people showing up to work. The article mentioned Cast Members getting HEAD-BUTTED, SHOVED, and SCREAMED AT, this is by no means appropriate behavior.

This blog is just a PSA to always be mindful of how you treat others. I have had so many magical moments thanks to these workers going the extra mile when they didn’t have to, learned so many cool facts about rides, and watched them create happy moments for others. I’m so grateful for all they do in the parks, I wanna share 5 ways to “thank” a Cast Member!

  • Visit Guest Relations – If you go, make sure to have your cast members name ready! They do get the relayed message about how great they are, and it goes in their employee file! (If you don’t wanna wait in the line it can also be sent as an email)
  • TIP at Restrurants! – Many service workers rely on tips! Leave a good tip 20% is standard, but maybe write a complient on your reciept as well!
  • Tweet @wdwtoday – Mention the Cast members name and tell them why they made your day extra special!
  • A simple compliment – If you see the manager/ shift leader let them know how great their staff is doing!
  • Most importantly – TREAT THEM LIKE PEOPLE!

To all the Cast members making days EVERYDAY, I thank you for all you do and how you can keep the magic alive in the face of any guest! Leave a comment of a great interaction you’ve had with a cast member!


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