The Jungle Cruise on the Big Screen!


We all know Disney is pumping out movies like it’s no ones business lately. I live for movies based on rides in the parks because it’s a whole new way to create memories and feel like you’re in Disney when you’re not!

All things based on the Jungle Cruise win me over instantly, a good dad joke always gets me! (If you haven’t you need to check out Skipper Canteen in MK it’s a whole restaurant based on The Jungle Cruise, it is so yummy!). The trailer looks action packed and has many of the famous jokes from the ride!

What do you think of the trailer, are you stoked to see it or will you wait until its on Disney+?


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  1. tinkerwalt

    Dating myself here, yet I remember when swiss family robinson came out in drive in movie theatres, and loved that movie, and when I went to Magic Kingdom and walked in the trees, it was like living the movie, so I see your vision, a little off the movie and ride view, but I remember being in Disney and the Jungle cruise was closed to clean up water and ride, apparently as you get on and off ride, there are incredible amounts of lost phones, wallets, keys, bracelets, glasses, you name it, its there, under the water, according to lost and found enough items to fill 20 or more Rubbermaid brute barrels worth. Amazing

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