Tiny Magic Kingdom

As if Disney’s Magic kingdom couldn’t get any cuter they just debuted a Tiny Blind Box Pin series complete with a Magic Kingdom map!

The map is made of canvas and comes with a starter pin of Cinderella’s Castle, the set is retailing at 24.99! The rest of the pins you get to collect and make your own perfect Magic Kingdom map!

The series one collection consists of 24 pins, with some major MK staples like the Mickey Bar, the spitting camel, and the Z from Space Ranger Spin! Each Blind Box will consist of 3 mini pins to add to your map and retail at 19.99. This reminds me of the sticker books I used to have as a kid, but with a fun interactive trading aspect! Pin trading is something I just starting to get into and I feel like this is the perfect way to dive in!

Do you think you’ll add this to your must do list at Disney or skip it all together?


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