May the Force be.. In your Kitchen.

It’s my favorite season for cooking home-y comforting meals and if you’re a Star Wars fan, maybe cooking just became your favorite part of Fall as well! Le Creuset announced a Star Wars Cookware line available for purchase on November 1st.

This is for sure set to be a coveted piece and I can’t even begin to think about what people will try to resell this for! The hand painted design with the binary sunset is so pretty. I have to be honest with you guys, I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan at all but I would absolutely have this in my kitchen!

The rest of the collection is pretty cool and would complete any Star Wars themed kitchen. The prices for everything are pretty on point with other items from the brand. The Signature Roaster and the Round Dutch Oven come with a hefty price tag, but remember they have a lifetime warrenty. That doesn’t just mean your lifetime if you pass down the item and the warrenty info from the company, they will still honor your warrenty! My favorite piece from the collection is for sure the Trivets, not only are they a great price point, but when you’re not using them they double as an art piece and conversation starter!

Do you think you’ll be buying anything from this new collab? I know these pieces would make for a great Christmas gift!


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