Disney and Football Season!

I’m originally from Boston, and you know what that means.. I grew up around a bunch of Patriots fans! (I know, I know, many people aren’t fans, but that’s always going to be my team even while living in ATX.)

If you’re a big football fan, or have always wanted to watch your team on the Big Screen Disney Springs AMC 24 Theater is here to help you out! Every Sunday during Football season 3 games will be picked to be shown, you can check what games on the AMC website weekly.

This new Football season perk is available to all Disney guests who happen to be an AMC Stubs member (which is free to sign up), however you do need to purchase a 10$ prepaid food & beverage card. The best part of this is you don’t even need a park pass to take advantage of this perk as it’s in Disney Springs. Keep in mind this is an eat-in theater so they have a full menu, and it is quite yummy!

Are you going to be able to catch a big game on the big screen on your trip?


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