Plant-Based Disney Dining.

Quietly in the middle of the night a new Disney website extension popped up a couple days ago. This time it’s for my plant-based friends or just people who like to try and eat less meat.

I’m assuming with this big of a menu change/update Disney Special Diets was being bombarded with emails from eager guests, so putting everything out there much make managing so much easier.

The page has a great layout and breaks down menus by park which makes planning so much smoother. I’m so excited to see more plant-based foods readily available, the only issue I have is it doesn’t mention which items are or can be gluten-free. (I’m just being a little picky). I know what you’re thinking what about at resorts, water parks, and all the other magical places in Disney, don’t worry the page has got you covered!

So get to exploring (I shared the link below) , and let me know what you can’t wait to try because what other way would you want to spend your Meat-less Monday!


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