Halloweentown Switch Up

Disney really tried to play a fast one on us as kids by switching out THE MAIN CHARACTER in Halloweentown. I remember every October getting excited to watch the series of Halloweentown movies to unfold.

If you’re new to the Halloweentown world, let me catch you up, Marnie Cromwell (originally played by Kimberly Brown) is a half mortal/ half witch teen who is trying to figure out her family secrets in the other realm while being trained by her grandmother Aggie to use her magical powers, and of course her siblings sneak along for the trip. Would it even be a Disney Channel movie if there wasn’t meddling siblings?

In total there are 4 Halloweentown movies.

Halloweentown – 1998

Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge – 2001

Halloweentown High – 2004

Return to Halloweentown – 2006 (This is where they snuck in a new Marnie)

As a kid growing up on Disney Channel, I for sure felt like I was “growing up” with Marnie through these movies. Even though she was half witch she was still half mortal and had relatable dramas to connect with, you know annoying siblings, boy troubles, and trying to fit in.

When I found out they switched out the Marnie I grew to love and connected with I was PISSED naturally, like how dare you do that to me Disney Channel! It was the last movie in the series, Return to Halloweentown that they made the choice to cast Sara Paxton from Aquamarina. I was an angsty child and refused to watch it when it first came out, but over time I decided to give it a chance, obviously it wasn’t the same.

My face when they recasted Marnie.

When Kimberly Brown was asked why she didn’t reprise her role she simply said she would have loved to, but Disney went with Sara Paxton instead.

Here’s a clip of Kimberly Brown talking about the movies and cast in the actual Halloweentown, which is in St. Helens, Oregon. (Do I feel another blog coming about this magical place….)

I’m going to let you watch and decide for yourself how to feel about this switch-a-roo, but if you’ve already watched, comment below your thoughts!


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