Happy Spooky Season Y’all!

Happy October!

Not only is this month filled with yummy coffee flavors, and amazing baked treats, it is also 31 NIGHTS OF HALLOWEEN on FreeForm! This year they are airing Hocus Pocus 27 (!!) times and I’m SO here for it. Some new titles are also set to be included this year. You can look forward to watching Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2, the Scream Trilogy and something titled “Halloween Extravaganza Dash”.

I know I can’t wait to be cuddled on my couch (pretending its not still 87 degrees in Austin) watching freeform and snacking on goodies! My favorite thing to watch is the Decorating Disney: Halloween Magic, I love seeing the castmembers come together and totally transform a park overnight! Linked at the end of this post is the schedule for the full month of halloween movies!


What are you most looking forward to watching this October? Comment Below!


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