New Automated Cameras are Popping Up

It looks like Disney is moving forward with some new technology! Automated cameras are replacing PhotoPass photographers in certain areas of the parks. The most glaring is in Magic Kingdom at Mickey & Minnie’s meet and greet.

It is causing quite the uproar, there is a petition circling around with over 80,000 signatures! I truly think no automated camera is going to get those personal shots I’ve become accustomed to with the magical photographers Disney hires. Many people travel to Disney for proposals, and imagine having that magic moment messed up by an automated camera! I also struggle with the fact that some people are going to be losing their jobs, or younger photographers are not going to even get the chance!

The cameras are hidden in the bookshelf at Mickey’s Meet and & Greet, and appropriately themed where they have already have them installed. Cast Members will still be in the room with you and will for sure snap a pic on your phone or camera, if you ask nicely!

What do you think of this change? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “New Automated Cameras are Popping Up

  1. Very nice article Jessica, and since there already at least 3 cameras on you at all times (supposedly) I think this will add to many family photos to our vacations, and we all love Disney with or without cameras, so snap away and see what was captured. Enjoy every visit

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