Hello Vegan Disney!

Hey Guys! I know I basically fell off the face of the social media world, but we all need a little break sometimes, and now I feel back and better than ever! I finally made the transition to vegan, took a trip back to Boston to visit family, and booked an impromptu solo trip for November!

I’ve still been keeping up with Disney News, because it truly is my guilty pleasure. When I saw an article titled “DISNEY WORLD GOES VEGAN” I almost dropped my phone! Naturally, I did a little investigation and figured out through Disney Parks Blog that they are incorporating over 400 (!!!) vegan options to table service and quick service locations.

As a new vegan planning my November trip, I had reached out to Disney special diets and got a kind of generic response to my questions, and now it all makes sense. This role out in both parks is going to be so helpful to so many people. You guys know I will be making extra dining reservations to try this stuff out and report back to you.

I love everything about this, traveling with diet restrictions is always a nightmare, and Disney is making it a whole lot easier!

What restaurant are you looking forward to seeing a plant based option on the menu?!

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