Teachers love Disney

I gotta start by saying teachers deserve the world! You guys are so much more than “a teacher”, you are a counselor, a doctor, and a storyteller. You have the job of constantly being needed by 30 different people, with their own needs, and you always put your feelings last! I appreciate you and all you do, and you deserve a great summer!

Disney seems to see all you guys do all year and are putting and giving you a special discount at 7 Disney Springs resorts! Starting May 27th through September 3rd if you are a teacher of any grade or work in a school you get special room rates that vary depending on the resort.

Let’s break down the prices, the list will go in order with the above pictures!

  • $75/ night at the Wyndham Garden Lake Buena Vista
  • $89/night at B Resort and Spa
  • $95/night at Holiday Inn Orlando
  • $103.99/night at Best Western Lake Buena Vista
  • $116/night at Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista
  • $122/night at Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace
  • $129/night at DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Orlando

These are great deals for a budget Disney vacation! I hope some of you amazing teachers can take advantage of these deals!

Shout out a teacher you love in the comments!



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