Never Have I Ever..

Okay guys, by now you all know I love Disney, so I gotta be honest and tell you there are quite a few rides I haven’t been on.

I am a wimp when it comes to drops in rides, so that’s the reason I’ve avoided these for so long! I’m going to do one ride for each park, and hope that some of you guys have rides you’ve never been on!

Splash Mountain

First up is Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom. I have been on Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain, but something about adding water to a drop really freaks me out! I’m one of those girls who plan out outfits and makeup and be so upset if I ruined it! So tell me, am I really missing that much?!

Test Track

Next up we have Test Track in Epcot. I know there are no drops but I’ve been in a pretty scary car wreck so I can’t bring myself to go on this one. I do love to look around inside at all the cars! Do you think anyone really buys a new car while on a Disney vacation? I mean that’s the type of money I wish I had!

Expedition Everest

Here we have Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom. All I know about this ride is there is a BACKWARDS DROP and ya girl is not doing that! You could tell me I’d lose 10 pounds and grow a couple of inches taller and I still wouldn’t go on. Feel free to tell me what I’m missing, but I think I’ll just watch the youtube videos of inside!

Tower of Terror

This one I’m actually embarrassed to admit, Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios. Whenever I tell someone this they basically jump down my throat telling me that I “just have to go on”. Part of me is curious because I absolutely love this corny movie! (totally watch it if you haven’t already). I go back and forth every trip if I should just bite the bullet and go on and I always chicken out!

Are you shocked by any of the rides I’ve never been on? Are there any rides you’ve never been on? Let me know in the comments!



One thought on “Never Have I Ever..

  1. Well at least you speak the truth, some rides are better left unridden if you have fears, why get sick, if you know your body. I think I have gone on everything, yet ever since my first visit to Magic Kingdom (the only attraction) back in 1976, I went on those tea cup ride and got dizzy as can be and haven’t been on those tea cups to present date LOL, also I miss a lot of the rides that departed or had closed, yet I’m not a fan of heights yet I’m confident Disney keeps there safety procedures up to date, more than the week long carnivals that go town to town, and I also have no problem people watching if a ride isn’t something I want to do,

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