Mother’s Day Disney Style

Mother’s day is around the corner, on May 12th! It seems like this year is flying by, am I right?

If you and your mom are lucky enough to be in Disney for the day, you can celebrate in some special ways! I can’t pretend I don’t browse Disney Floral and gifts website before every trip. It seems like such a luxury to have a little something magical waiting for you in your room after a long park day! If you haven’t seen they have some fun Mother’s Day gifts that are reasonably priced!

This assortment will cost you $79.99, which I think is reasonable for Disney prices. Everything you see in the picture is included, which is less than $15 an item!

This yummy little treat is an edible chocolate box with an assortment of chocolates inside! The best part of this treat is the price, it’s only 22.99!

If your mom is into jewelry, this is a great option that is still reasonably priced at $125.00. It includes a Minnie chocolate box, one sparkling rose, and of course a beautiful crown necklace!

The shipping cost of these items depends on the price of the assortment and where it’s going! You can have these shipped to your home if you aren’t in Disney and you know your mom would love this magic on her day!

How are you celebrating Mother’s day? Let me know in the comments below!



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