Is the Disney Chase card worth it?

Just keep swiping, just keep swiping!

One of my friends recently told she’s trying to plan a Disney World trip and enlisted me to help! Obviously, I’m thrilled and will probably end up crashing her trip! My first tip to her was to get a Disney Chase credit card, and no this isn’t a sponsored post, I just love my card and all its benefits so much!

Can we just start by admiring how cute these cards are! I personally have the Tinkerbell one, because she’s my dads’ favorite character. Today I’m all about saving, so we’re focusing on the card with NO ANNUAL FEE!

The best perk, in my opinion, is the rewards, you get 1% cash back on the purchases that you can load on a Redemption Card, and use not only in the parks but on anything Disney related like the Disney store and new Disney movies (Disney Penguins movie I’m coming for you). I suggest ordering your redemption card a month before your trip because they do take a while to come to you in the mail!

In Epcot and Hollywood Studios your Disney Chase card gets you some special photo ops! In Epcot you’ll get to meet some of your favorite characters from the gang, and get a free download of the pictures you take, this is open every day from 1:00pm-7: 00 pm so make sure to take advantage! In Hollywood Studios, you have a similar experience but with Star Wars characters, this is available every day as well from 11:00am-4: 00 pm!

In the parks you can use your card for 10% off of purchases more than $50.00 in most places, always ask when checking out! The savings don’t stop at merchandise, you can also use your discount at many restaurants on property as well. Did you know about the horse carriage rides at Port Orleans and Wilderness Lodge? Well, check them out now because you can get 10% off on them as well!

Have you ever been to the spas in the Disney hotels? With your Chase card, you get 15% off at select spas, including the spa at the Grand Floridian which is AMAZING. You also get 15% off of select guided tours, most of them can be very pricey, but the Behind the Seeds tour in Epcot is decently cheap and if you like Living with the Land (like me) you’ll love this tour!

If you’re a Joffrey’s coffee person, you’re in luck, you get 20% off at all locations! I mean, the best morning coffee is the one you can save on right?

Do you have a Disney Chase Card? Did you know about all these savings, let me know in the comments below!



4 thoughts on “Is the Disney Chase card worth it?

  1. Very nice article, and yes I do believe if you use a Disney rewards card, and are a Disney fan, this is a fantastic card for utilizing your rewards, I use my Disney card for everyday purchases, auto work, new items, shopping ect ect, and by the end of the year, there is approx. 200-250 reward dollars, it all adds up quickly and then I spend it back on vacation at Disney, and also smart idea to ask for redemption card at least one month in advance, keep up the great blog, always happy to read.

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    1. Hey! So there are two different cards! I was focusing on the one without the annual fee, cause I’m all about saving! With the card with the annual fee you should get a few more perks!


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