Inside Out Theory.

I am absolutely obsessed with the Inside Out movie, the characters are amazingly done and the whole aesthetic of the movie is perfect. Naturally I fell down a reddit rabbit hole of theories and landed on this one from Jomo15 and had to share it!

I can literally feel every one of these emotions just by looking at this picture.

So we know these emotions belong to Riley, and you can see that they are both male and female. However there is a scene we get a glipse into her parents emotions and that’s where things get weird.

These are her moms emotions.
These are her dads emotions.

As you can see, her mothers emotions are all women and her fathers emotions are all men. This is where all the theories come into play. How is it that Riley has both? Is it your emotions change after puberty? Is it that Riley could be gender fluid? Is it just that we look too deep into things?

The more I looked at these pictures and thought about it, I realized not only the genders, but they emotions of the parents share a look with the body they are in!

Riley’s mom and dad.

As you can see the moms emotions share the same hair color and the same glasses. Her dads emotions all have the same mustache and are styled with a tie. Riley’s emotions have their own little style going on!

Another strange thing pointed out by the reddit user was the main emotion of her Mom is Sadness and for her Dad it is Anger. There wasn’t any elaboration on this in the post, so I’d be interested in what you guys think! I think this speaks volumes. Why is the mom always sad? Why is the dad angry? Disney knows we look for this stuff, I wish they’d have a back story on the parents as children so we could figure this theory out!

What emotions did you feel reading this blog? What do you think of these theories, did you even realize? Let me know in the comments!


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