Skipper Canteen Review

I need to start this blog by saying I actually dream about this meal. If you eat gluten-free you NEED to make this reservation ASAP, almost the whole menu can be done gluten-free!

If you usually walk by this and don’t give it a second thought, it’s time to change that! This place doesn’t have your normal cheeseburgers and chicken tenders it has things like whole fried fish and falafel and things that take your tastebuds on their own vacation.

If you are a fan of the Jungle Cruise you need to RUN here, the whole entire place is based off of it and it shines through brightly. My waitress was absolutley amazing, and waiters who weren’t even mine came to check on me, each time with a funny pun or an amazing dad joke.

The dining rooms are absolutely stunning and you definitely forgot you’re in Magic Kingdom. The amount of detail blows my mind, you’re encoraged to walk around and explore so take advantage!

Let’s jump into what I devoured. I started with the sangria and it was SO GOOD, it was perfectly refreshing on a hot florida afternoon! The story behind the cup, I really wanted the souveiner cup, however it only came with 2 of the drink on the menu, but like I said my waitress was AMAZING and she served me my sangria like this! I ordered the allergy Perkins Thai Noodles with no meat and duble tofu. Let me tell you that tofu is what dreams are made of, it is soaked in pineapple juice and flash fried, hands down the best tofu I have ever eaten. I also ordered the falafel but it never made it my table for some reason, (which I was more than okay with because the portion of noodles was HUGE) so she hooked me up with a free dessert. The dessert was actually off the kids menu, and it consisted of chocolate covered bananas, pistachio cake, whipped cream, and mini meringues. It was the perfect portion and didnt make me feel bad about dessert, because it was so light but perfectly sweet.

Have you ever eaten here? Do you wanna try it? Let me know in the comments!


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