Disney Chef.. on youtube?

Happy Fri-YAY guys! I’m so blessed that the weather in ATX has been amazing enough to have my “office” by the pool!

My current office

I don’t know about you guys, but one of the things I miss the most about Disney when I get home is the… FOOD! As someone with a bunch of dietary restrictions I can say that Disney goes above and beyond for challenged foodies like me! If you dont know, I have a gluten allergy and choose to eat pescetarian, and have never had a problem eating yummy food on any trip.

One of my fave meals from Tiffins in AK

As you can imagine, eating like this back home in ATX isn’t as easy, so I tend to cook my own food alot and that’s when it hit me! I should recreate my favorite meals from Disney at home, and try to modify some that I can’t eat. I figured why not take you guys on my journey with me! I know there are plenty of people who wanna take the Disney magic home with them and I decided I’ll be the tester so you guys can have tried and true recipes! I figured a blog isn’t the best for this, cooking is something you gotta see right? In the next couple weeks I will be planning dishes to make on my (underconstruction) youtube!

Once I’m settled in my new place you can expect more! I can’t wait to know what you guys think of this idea, so let me know in the comments! Feel free to send me foods you want me to try!


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