Hey Disnerds!

It has been a SUPER busy 2019 and it seems to be flying by. I can not believe it is already April 1st! I’ve been preping to move to a new apartment and really focusing on my Instagram for this blog! (Check it out!) and starting up a vlog! (I’ll keep you updated!). I absolutely fell in love with the Festival of the Arts on my last trip!

I had a crazy travel day and had been up since 2 am, but HAD to stop for that photo op! I truly think February is the ideal time to go to Disney, the weather is absolutley amazing. I’m all about comfort and whenever I can wear leggings, I do. My plus sized girls know the struggle of that Disney Chafing! (Watch out for a blog coming soon about tips and tricks for us in the parks!) 😉

These little photo ops had to be one of my favorite things about the Festival! It was so fun pretending to be a piece of priceless art! They were scattered around the world showcase and it was a fun suprise when you got to one! There will be a vlog up soon about this one inparticular and the awkward experience I had getting this shot!

However, if you eat a gluten free/vegetarian diet like me, the choices for food were slim to none at the booths, but I prepared for that going in and all the drinks I wanted to try were gluten free!

I’d love to know your thoughts on this awesome festival so comment below! If you do happen to check out the ‘gram hit me with a DM!


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