Growing up with frequent trips to Disney was magical, being a “grown-up” in Disney is a different type of magic, a deliciously boozy one.

Turtle Krawl

This amazing drink comes from The Gurgling Suitcase at Disney’s Old Key West and it super refreshing and definitely packs a punch! I know I’d much rather be sipping one of these by the fabulous pool over at the resort instead of sitting on my couch with a stuffy nose.

I mean..

I don’t even know where to start with The Gurgling Suitcase, to be honest, from the yummy drinks to the friendliness of the bartenders! I’ve had the pleasure of having Rob as a bartender and he makes it feel as though you are hanging out with an old friend you haven’t seen in a while. I don’t think anything can beat Disney customer service! Anyways back to this magical drink, I have gotten the recipe and would love to share it with you and all I can say is I hope you like rum!

The Gurgling Suitcase

1/2 oz Castillo rum
1/2 oz Bacardi Silver rum
1/2 oz Malibu rum
1/2 oz Myers dark rum
Splash Grenadine
Splash Key lime juice
Equal parts orange juice and pineapple juice

Shake to mix in an ice filled 12oz cup.

Let me know your favorite Disney drink in the comments!


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