Disney Dining

Can’t believe my Disney trip is only 34 days away! I know a lot of you guys plan your dining super far out, however I like to wing it as much as I can. We all know Disney has taken away a lot of the spontaneity away with all the new planning techniques they have in the app. (hooray for mobile ordering!!!) My new way to try to just wing it is to wait until around 45 days to make my dining reservations. What better way to explore new foods by having slim pickings for your trip!

50’s Prime Time Cafe
Jungle Navigation Co. LTD. Skipper Canteen

These are two restaurants I can’t wait to explore! I have never been to either one and will be solo at both so I’m hoping to walk around inside and see what they have to offer. Food and decor are two of the best things in Disney, so I’m hoping to be wowed!

Have you guys eaten at either one of these places? Do you have any suggestions on where I should go grab a bite? I can’t wait to hear from you!


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