Voyage of the Little Mermaid!

It’s Studio Sunday!

I love just about anything The Little Mermaid and will be singing the whole soundtrack for the rest of the day now that I’m doing this post! I know almost everyone can’t hold back singing along to Poor Unfortunate Souls and at the Voyage of the Little Mermaid show at Hollywood Studios you don’t have to!


If you love The Little Mermaid you have to check this show out, it is really is one of the cutest out there! It is a 17 minute show and it is for the whole family! (it can get a little scary for young ones during the Ursula scene so keep that in mind). It is one great way to beat that summer (or anytime) heat! It’s mostly just over looked as “another little show” but it is really amazing with the live acting, special effects,  silly puppets, nostalgic laser lights, Disney animation, MUSIC, black lights, and audio-animatronics!

The waiting room looks like you are in a ship and if you get in there early take a minute or two to walk around and explore, there are some hidden gems! The theater is super cozy and every seat is a good one!

There is a super fun bubble scene that is great for the kids (or you)!

I mean who am I to judge, who doesn’t love bubbles..


Take a trip down memory lane and sing your lungs out along with the amazing cast of this show! Let me know if this is a must do for your family or if you’ve been overlooking it for a little while in the comments! You know I love to hear from you guys!






One thought on “Voyage of the Little Mermaid!

  1. Omg I have been OBSESSED with this show ever since I was a little girl! I always have to go and watch it when I’m at Hollywood Studios. It’s a 100% must do in our list!

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