Club Cool

It’s Future World Friday ladies and gentlemen!

(Quite possibly my favorite day of the week)


My favorite place in Future World (probably because it’s something free in Disney) CLUB COOL presented by Coca Cola! If you have not made your way here (it’s right next to Starbucks) you need to and quickly!

This place is home to a bunch of different sodas from around the world, that you can sip up as much as you want FOR FREE! There are eight flavors to try that pour out into small  disposable cups perfectly.

Fanta Pineapple – Greece

Inca Cola – Peru

Sparberry – Zimbabwe

Gurana Kuat – Brazil

Bilbo – South Africa

Fanta Melon Frosty – Thailand

Vegitabeta – Japan

Beverly – Italy


This is the machine that will have your taste buds travel the world! Beverly is the most talked about flavor! But I’ll let you decide why! I love that they have two different Fanta flavors and wish I could bring a bottle of that super sugary goodness home with me!


There are plenty of fill up stations so you usually don’t have to wait long to get a sugary fix, however the floors are usually pretty sticky so watch your step! 

This is sponsored by Coca Cola so there is plenty of themed merch if you’re into that sort of thing! I like to spend my money on more mickey themed items personally but to each their own!


This is a must do in Epcot for me! Do you love hitting up Club Cool for a quick (FREE) sip of cola? Let me know your favorite in the comments!







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