Vintage Mouse Finds!

It’s Thrifting Thursday!

I know I have been so slacking on this one but I really try to find really cool pieces I think you guys will really like! I think I got two things you guys will really wanna see, both clothing items that are in awesome condition and ready to wear!

Okay so I have these super cool 90’s Mickey UNLIMITED shorts from the 90’s! They are a cool shade a green and feature Mickey, Donald, and Goofy! They are a size large with a stretchy waist band, they are the perfect vintage short and you are sure to get lots of compliments on them!

OMG! How cute is this vintage Eeyore winter crewneck! I so wish this was my size because I would totally wear it every day in the winter! It is in great condition and it’s from the 90’s. It’s a size small! Perfect for chilly months in the parks or when you just are  stuck in the cold wishing you where in Disney!

I hope these finds brought you some fond memories! And if you are interested in buying them and want more info feel free to shoot me an email, or ask away in the comments! If there is anything you’re trying to find let me know and I will keep my eyes open!


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