Liberty Square

To kick off the 4th of July week and for Magic Kingdom Monday I thought we should take a closer look at Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom!


Liberty square is probably the most tame “land” in the Magic Kingdom with only three rides, but it has some really cool details if you take the time to find them!

Let’s start with the Liberty bell featured above, did you know the state of Florida is the only state to have 2 replicas! Pennsylvania let Disney have the replica on July 4th, 1989!


Oh and we have to take a look at the largest (38 tons) living thing in the Magic Kingdom the actual liberty tree in liberty square! 13 lanterns hang from the branches to represent the original 13 colonies. It is also a great place to sit down in some shade when you need a rest!


The Columbian Harbor House gives off a very New England vibe which can also be seen in the menu offerings (which are delicious!).


While Ye Old Christmas Shoppe gives off more of a colonial Williamsburg vibe, You definitely have to stop in here, I mean whats better than christmas all year!?


The footbridge to the hub is a little bit more modern with a Dutch New Amsterdam feel to it. 


Lastly The Haunted Mansion represents New York’s Hudson River Valley!

The other two rides in Liberty Square include The Hall of Presidents and The Liberty Square Riverboat!


All of these rides provide a great place to sit back and relax!

 I can’t wait to dive more into each little piece of this land on future Magic Kingdom Mondays, but I know everyone is getting ready for awesome 4th of July Cookouts, so well keep it short and sweet this week! Let me know your favorite part of The Square in the comments, or even your plans for the 4th! I love hearing from you guys!







3 thoughts on “Liberty Square

  1. I never knew there were only 3 replicas! Not surprising that they gave one to Disney. Lol who would say no to them?


  2. Sorry meant to say two. For some reason my mind included the actual one in that. Lol Lordy I need more sleep


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