Everyone Loves Elephants!


It’s AK Saturday!

I know I have mentioned before Elephants are my favorite, I mean how can they not be! So todays topic will be about the Caring for Giants Elephant Tour in Animal Kingdom.


This is a 30 dollar, 60 minute experience, and if you’ve been to Disney before you know that’s a good deal! You DO have to have Park admission to add this extra on but it is so worth it!


This is where you will need to be 15 minutes prior to your tour time (It is right across from the Safari) They will remind you that there are no bathroom breaks on this hour-long tour, so make sure to make a pit stop!


You will meet with your guide and your adventure will begin, remember to wear comfy shoes because this is an outdoor walking tour! The guide will tell you all about how the African Elephants are cared for in Disney and they will have an African Cultural Representative informing you on how they stay true to the culture while they provide the best possible wellness of the animals.

You will learn so many amazing facts about the Elephants and African culture all while only 80 feet from the elephants!


*A few things to keep in mind for this experience are*

– It is an outdoor walking experience so check the weather before you book!

– Being outdoors you will come in contact with bugs and common allergens 

– ECVs are not allowed the guest will have to transfer to a wheelchair and have someone with them to push them through. 

 – NO cameras of any sort are allowed in the backstage area  

Have you ever been on the Caring For Giants tour? What was your favorite fact you learned, let me know in the comments!






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