The Cinderella Castle Suite



These 3 little windows house the most beautifully decorated and most sought-after room in all of Disney World, It is the Cinderella Castle suite!


This is the approximate floor plan for this room. It was originally built as an apartment for Walt and his family, unfortunately Walt passed away before the park was completed and this apartment with amazing potential was used for storage for more than 35 years! In 2005 Disney decided to make something of the suite and the most magic room was born, and you can only get a stay by invite or winning a contest.

Holy luxury! These beds are amazing with the 18th style canopies and that fireplace with a tv above it that is hidden as a picture! The ceiling makes the space look so big and warm! No detail was missed in this “sleeping chamber” as it is called! I barely want to leave this room and there is still so much more to explore!


These are the “living quarters” and that ceiling detail has got me once again! I don’t know if id be able to leave this room, I am starting to think one night is totally not enough time here! The imagination that went into this is incredible.

Maybe I watch too much HGTV but bathrooms are my absolute favorite part of a house (Hotel room, whatever) I MEAN LOOK AT THIS BATHROOM! The tub, the amazing hand hammered copper sinks and that toilet! Let’s point out that a person could absolutely sleep in that tub! I am already filming my face wash commercial in front of those sinks in my head! The floors are so gorgeous! I really can not even think of any more words to describe this bathroom! 


Oh did I mention you get to take home Cinderella’s slipper so you can remember one of what I think must be the most memorable nights of your life!

Are you dreaming about living here yet? I know I am! What would you do first if you found out you won a night here! I think I would actually faint, so please tell me I’m not the only one in the comments!








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