World Showcase Snacks!

We have finally have made it to Part 3 of the World Showcase Snacks! We are down to our last 3 countries, France, United Kingdom, and Canada! The least I can promise is I won’t be making you drool for much longer!



Marie, The baguette! Can you guess where we’re starting? FRANCE!

I have always dreamed of walking through the streets of Paris eating a baguette! And Disney let’s me live this little fantasy in two sizes, half and full! There is not one thing better than eating a warm baguette and smelling perfume I probably can’t afford! LOL The sweet snack is an upgraded ice cream sandwich called the Croque Glace and this is a  monster of a dessert! It is your choice of ice cream from L’artisan del Glaces pressed into a brioche bun! and good thing this pavilion has a lot of seats because after eating this you’re gonna want (have) to sit down!

The baguette is available at Boulangerie Patisserie les Halles for 1.85/2.95 and the Croque Glace is available for 7.04



The United Kingdom is so pretty! They have a great garden in the back a perfect hide-away when you need one!

The candy selection at the Tea Shoppe is INSANE! It is what dreams are made of, gummies, chocolates, crunchy, salty, sweet! It is all reasonably priced so you can try a whole bunch of different ones and not break the bank! Now let’s start on my favorite snack on this list the fish and chips, they are so salty and the fries or chips are heavenly and if you’ve been drinking around the world, these are the perfect food. Just do yourself a favor and put these on your list of musts!

You can get the candies at the Tea Caddy priced individually and the fish and chips at Yorkshire county fish shop for 11.49



Oh Canadaaaaaa! This pavilion is so pretty there is an awesome waterfall in the back!


Canada is really lacking some snacks! I heard a rumor that the pavilion is getting a small upgrade soon though! With that being said this Maple Popcorn is a great quick grab! It is not overly sweet like most maple popcorn! As long as you’re in the shop check out some of the funny items they sell! I’m sure you’ll get a little laugh!

It’s finally time to wrap up the World Showcase snack showdown! I had so much fun sharing all my favorites with you and can’t wait to hear about yours in the comments! Here’s a link to part two if you need to back track!









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