Magic Kingdom Monday!

Magic Kingdom is truly magic! It is so beautiful and there is so much to see, and today I wanna talk about how visually compelling Tomorrow land is! There have been some major changes since it opened in July of 1955! My favorite time in tomorrow land was the late 90’s and early 2000’s! It has stayed pretty true to that concept but there is word of a change coming soon in that area so I want to highlight it!


The design is a mix of retro steam punk look inspired by Discoveryland in Disney Paris, but it was sprinkled with industrial themes for Disney World, this is why you see a lot of gears and metal structures. In true Disney fashion they had to add color and cartoon sci-fi craziness.

Disney stayed true to the font they chose and it was splashed everywhere, from signs to the restrooms!

This has changed with new ride additions to Tomorrowland but you can still notice the older small details included throughout.


My favorite touch is definitely the palm trees!


The back story behind these works of art is that The Power Company invented “power palms” to harvest energy and that’s what is stored in the little spheres! The spheres (coconuts) collect the energy from the sun and that is how Tomorrowland is powered!

I hope i brought a little Disney Magic to your Monday! And next time you happen to be in Magic Kingdom really walk around Tomorrowland if you have the time and try to notice small (or big changes) that don’t really follow the design, because it truly was a magical one! What is your favorite small detail you’ve noticed in a park? Leave your answer in the comments









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