Future World Friday





OMG! Yesterday life happened and I didn’t have a second to even blog! Why can’t everything be as magical as Disney? Any ways yesterday was #FutureWorldFriday. Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow or Epcot might be my favorite park! To me it is like having two parks in one and that’s why I decided to have Epcot have two days for blog posts! Today I think we should dive into my favorite part of Future World which is The Seas!



The Seas with Nemo and Friends is a super cute ride that is a fun way to get to the middle of this pavilion, It is a 4 minute ride that lets you help find Nemo while in a clammobile! This ride is perfect because it is suitable for all ages, the line queue is almost as long as the ride but it’s the perfect air-conditioned escape for those hot days but there is a whole bunch of fun views to keep the little ones entertained! The best part is the end where you travel through a strip of a real aquarium and when you get off the ride you are in the middle of that aquarium!


This is a view of the aquarium it has upper and lower viewing areas which is perfect because it is 5.7 million gallons that houses over 4,000 sea creatures! They have 2 “fish feedings” you are welcome to watch and learn about at 10:00 AM and 3:30 PM it’s a great learning experience to take children to. They also have many exhibits you can walk through and a great photo-op with Bruce! But the best part is they usually have two rescue manatees you can see and learn about!

When you’re done swimming around the aquarium you can check out Turtle Talk with Crush!


This ride you will get to hang out with Crush the turtle from the Finding Nemo movie for 15 minutes! Usually children sit up front and get to talk to Crush and he is very unpredictable! It’s really cute and a fun way to end The Seas aquarium adventure! You may even get some special guests from the movie like Dory, Squirt, and Destiny the whale shark and maybe more, I mean Disney is full of magic!


What is your favorite sea creature to see in the aquarium? Have you ever got a chance to talk with Crush? Let me know in the comments!





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