AK Saturday

Another new day to introduce to my Disney filled blog and this one is dedicated to the one and only Animal Kingdom! Now Animal Kingdom is full of really cool facts and secrets to keep it running and I hadn’t put much thought into how do the lions not attack the other animals.. So I started to and that led me down a deep hole of Animal Kingdom information so obviously  need to share it with you!


Let’s start with the beautiful tree of life, it is 14 stories tall, has over 8,392 branches and 103,000 leaves that are all put on BY HAND and can withstand hurricane strength winds.

There is no plastic straws, lids or balloon in the park because these are harmful to the animals!

The park is the biggest in Disney, Magic Kingdom could fit inside the Kilimanjaro Safari!

Since the park has opened 8 White Rhinos have been born in Animal Kingdom, there are only 10,500 left in the wild!

Feeding all those animals takes about 4 tons of food! That’s 8,000 pounds!

Animal Kingdom bathrooms are the only ones with doors in case an animal escapes, a castmember will guide you to the restroom and close the doors!

The lions have their own air conditioning vents! That’s why you always see them hanging near Pride rock.

I know the lions look super close to you but there is NO WAY they can get to you there is a hidden 18 feet deep, 21 feet wide moat separating you from them!

Disney has trained the bats to come inside to eat at the sound of a dog whistle!

Animal Kingdom is the only other place you can get a dole whip and they can make it just for adults by adding some rum at Tamu Tamu!

That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to secrets, but I can’t give them all away at once! Are there any secrets you wanna share? Leave them in the comments!



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