Thrifting Thursday!

It’s finally time for a #thriftingthurdays post! I have so much fun digging through bins looking for awesome finds! You’d really be surprised what people think is trash! I mean seriously who could ever get rid of something Disney related?! Another mans trash is this girls treasure!

These are super fun pajamas! They have funny quotes about breakfast and just the morning in general! The buttons are little red Mickey heads, how cute is that? They have an old official tag but no year, I tried to find them but I couldn’t seem to which is a total bummer, but that tag was popular in the 90’s! They have a small tear right on the seam of one of the arms, but if you’re any better at sewing than me you should be able to fix it in a stitch! If you would like to buy these there is a paypal link below! (an invoice for shipping will be sent once I have your location!)

This is by far my favorite find! It’s a mickey and pals embroidered crew neck sweater! It’s from when the Disney Store still had a catalog! The whole crew is on there! Who ever owned this took amazing care of it because it is like new, I was shocked when I saw it and snatched it up so fast! Of course I had to try it on and it is so perfectly warm, great if you travel to Disney in February (that unpredictable Florida weather LOL) BTW February is an underrated time to plan a trip, but you didn’t hear it here! I almost don’t wanna let this one go, but if I kept all the good stuff it wouldn’t be fair!  (an invoice will be sent for shipping once I have your location!)

I hope you guys like this weeks finds, because I sure had a blast looking for them!


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