World Showcase Wednesday!

Welcome back to my 3 part World Showcase Snack Attack post! This time we will talk about the awesome snacks in Germany, Italy, United States and Japan! 8 salty and sweet snacks to get your mouth-watering!



Let’s kick things off in Germany, they have the ultimate salty and sweet snacks!

Both of these snacks come from Sommerfest and you literally have to try them both! This pretzel is bigger than my head and it is so soft with just a little crunch on the edges and they have some spicy mustard packets if you’re into that sort of thing! Now let’s move on to the delicious apple strudel with vanilla sauce (I’m drooling already). This is everything you want fall to taste like, the apples, caramel and vanilla sauce and that yummy flakey dough. The apple strudel is like a hug from a grandma!

The Pretzel is 9.39 (and sharable) and the Apple strudel is 4.79



Lets get lost in Italy! This pavilion has plenty of room for seating and snacking!

The Gelato Stand in Italy has me wrapped around its finger! The Espresso Gelato Affogato is basically 3 treats in one and totally makes it acceptable to have ice cream for Breakfast! This is a vanilla flavored gelato “drowned” in a shot of espresso topped with cookies, coffee beans and a cookie “straw” . The creaminess of the gelato mixed with the espresso is what you want mornings to taste like! Now this pizza (small meal in one slice) this is the Pizza Bianca is heaven, it is a pomodoro sauce topped with prosciutto, arugula and fresh mozzarella. It is Sicilian-style pizza it has a thick crust and is cut in rectangle slices and it is the best!

You can get the Espresso Gelato at the Gelato Stand for 9.75 and you can get the pizza at the Via Napoli Pizza Window for 8.75.



The American Adventure Pavilion has plenty of shaded seating which is always a plus to escape the sun!

Turkey Legs are for sure a Disney must do! They are salty with a crunchy skin and they make for great instagram pictures! I have never been able to finish one LOL, I usually just take a few bites of someone else! I just want to know where Disney finds these giant turkeys! I’m in a sweet mood today if you couldn’t tell by this Cookies and Cream funnel cake! This is in my opinion a family treat! I have never seen anyone finish it and be able to keep going through the park! #foodbaby It is a traditional funnel cake topped with a SLAB of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and big chocolate cookie! I think this is the sweetest treat on this list!

You can get the Turkey Legs at Fife and Drum Tavern for 12.50 and the Funnel Cake at The Funnel Cake Stand for 11.50.



We’ll end this post in Japan! This pavilion is so beautiful and has so many secrets tucked into it, so make time to explore!

Edamame is so refreshing, with a little salt it truly is a treat! I know you’re thinking who the heck wants that! But trust me, sometimes a light refreshing snack is just what you need to keep you going! I can’t wait to talk about this Kaki-Gori it is almost like a snow cone! There are quite a few flavors including Strawberry, Melon and rainbow to name a few! BUT the best part of these is you can add sweet milk for 1 dollar more and you NEED to! The sweet milk mixed with the flavored ice is truly an experience for your taste buds!

You can get the Edamame at Katsura Grill for 4.00 and the Kaki-Gori at Kabuki Cafe for 4.00! 



So that’s it’s for Part 2! (Here’s a link to Part 1 if you missed it World Showcase Wednesday! ) Have you guys had any of these snacks, or do you want to now?! Let me know your favorites in the comments!  I can’t wait to hear what you guys enjoy in the wonderful World Showcase! 







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