Magic Kingdom Monday!




It’s #MagicKingdomMonday! I totally think we should start with some Main Street USA tips, tricks and secrets!

It is really easy to overlook just how amazing Main Street really is, I know you probably try to rush to get on the rides, but on your next trip take a slow stroll to soak in all the magic!

I bet you didn’t know Magic kingdom messes with your vision as soon as you walk in, you know how when you walk in and think “wow! everything looks so big!” That is because the bottom story of all the shops are 10 feet tall, while the top story is only 8! They do this so the castle looks much bigger..

Speaking of the Castle, did you know it is 183 feet tall!

The Imagineers are always looking out for you, All the places to eat are on the right side of the street, because people tend to walk on the right when entering (aka Breakfast time) so they made it convenient to just pop in a store and grab a snack, Can anyone say Starbucks double shot?!

So now I know you want to know why all the stores are on your left, when walking out that’s the side of the street most people frequent, and can you REALLY leave magic Kingdom without buying something?

If you’re a big Lady and the Tramp fan you can spot their paw prints in front of Tony’s, They are to the left of the entrance!

Main Street is full of americana decorations all year-long, but do you ever closely look at it? The flags do not have 50 stars, this is because if it has less than fifty stars, it is not considered a real flag, which means it doesn’t have to be taken down in poor weather or illuminated at night!

You need to rest and realize how much magic Disney actually sneaks into the park, there is the perfect place right on Main Street located right past Uptown Jewelry on the right side of the street, it’s a little cove with a few tables and chairs!


Do you know any Main Street USA facts that i might have missed! Leave them in the comments! Have a Magical Monday!







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