Vintage Mickey!

I have a new-found addiction of thrifting for vintage Disney items! I am lucky enough to have a Goodwill distribution center near my house! So every Thursday will be #ThriftingThursdays so you guys can see the awesome finds and maybe even purchase the ones you like!


This was a good minnie (see what I did there) haul! I love vintage Disney books, they seem to always be so colorful and fun. The Donald Duck: Mountain Climber book is from 1984! It is in pretty good condition, the last page has a pen drawing by an unknown artist LOL. The second book I grabbed was Bambi, this one is from 2004 (can you believe that was 14 years ago?!) it is in great condition and of course it is a little golden book! Finally this Winnie the Pooh hat! I grabbed this so fast! It is just too cute, I’m not sure when it is from but I fell in love as soon as I saw it and knew I needed it in my collection!



Do you have any thrift stores in your area that you like to try to find Disney things? Let me know in the comments!




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