World Showcase Wednesday!

I’m so in love with Epcot’s world showcase, I decided to dedicate a whole day to it every week on the blog! #WorldShowcaseWednesday ! This Wednesday I thought I’d stay true to posting about snacks (because who doesn’t love snacks!) So I’ve decided to post a salty and sweet snack from each country in the showcase this will be a 3 part series of posts!


We’re starting with Mexico, because I totally could go for Mexican food right now (or always)

So my favorite snacks in The Mexico pavilion both come from La Cantina de San Angel, This is a right across from the main building pictured above. They have a great menu and plenty of seating! The nachos are so amazing and are truly a meal in itself! The jalapeno give it such a spicy kick! To cool down you AND your taste buds try a coconut palleta! These are so creamy and refreshing especially on a hot day! They are the perfect amount of sweet, they really should be called pina coolata dreams!

The nachos are 11.50 and the palletas are 3.95


The Norway Pavillion is for sure the land of the sweets! The main bakery (Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe)  is currently closed for refurbishment but they have opened a small stand that sells the best of the best sweets for now called Midnattssol Bakeri for now!

The Rice Cream at The Norway Pavillion is amazing it is so rich and well.. creamy, it is the perfect substitute for ice cream! The rice is so subtle and the strawberries are the perfect amount of sweet, I actually prefer that is not as cold as ice cream but still is so refreshing! It does have an almost clumpy texture, which some people are not a fan of. The savory snack is top level it is called Traditional Kjottkake! They are super flavorful meatballs on top of creamy mashed potatoes with a brown gravy and lingonberry jam! These flavors literally feel like a party for your taste buds! There are so many textures and they all compliment each other so well!
You can get the Rice Cream at the temporary Midnattssol Bakeri for 3.50 and when it reopens you can get the Kjottkake at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe for 7.99


China is such a beautiful pavilion, I always spend so much time wandering around here, there are so many small details you might miss if you don’t look close enough!


This Lychee ice cream is to die for, it is so refreshing and light with such a fruity flavor! I think it is a summer staple! Now the Chicken Curry pocket is such a yummy, savory snack, I am a giant fan of curry so I had to try it, the filling has a lot of chicken and flavor, and the pocket itself is buttery and flaky and the sesame just puts it right over the top!
You can get the Lychee Ice Cream at The Lotus Blossom Cafe for 3.50 and the Chicken Curry Pocket at Joy of Tea for 4.50


There are so many countries in the World Showcase so part 2 will be up next Wednesday! What are your favorite snacks from these pavilions, let me know in the comments!













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