Hollywood Studios Top Five Snacks!

Hollywood Studios USED to be the best place to get snacks, but with all the renovations going on I’m sure it will be back and better once its all finish, For me Hollywood Studios is like a giant movie theater so the these are the top 5 snacks that makes me feel like I’m living in my own movie!


5. Of course on this list is the Popcorn!


These make the most fun souvenirs! They are always changing so most likely every time you go you’ll be able to get a different one! Popcorn is one of those snacks that you can manage to eat SO MUCH of without realizing, so luckily if you get the bucket you get refills for 1.50 during the length of your stay!

You can get these at the Studio Popcorn stand for 10.00!

(Post some pictures of your souvenir buckets in the comments!)

4. Churros 


I can’t  find anything wrong with churros! They are sweet and crunchy and portable! These are the perfect mid-day treat! There is nothing like walking down Sunset Boulevard with one of these in hand!

You can get these at Anaheim Produce for 5.29!


3. Funnel Cake


Funnel cake is like a more crunchy fried dough. (I’m sure by now you know i love crunchy LOL). Of course Disney had to elevate it and oh my gosh they did! This is the Cookies and Cream funnel cake! It is a regular funnel cake with vanilla ice cream and cookie crumbles! This treat requires a lot of napkins and a seat so find a bench!

You can get this at Oasis Canteen for 8.49!

Pro-tip They have a traditional funnel cake with just powdered sugar for 6.79


2. Ice Cream Sandwich


I think this is one of the best deals in Hollywood studios! It is a delicious homemade ice cream sandwich between to fresh baked cookies! So you are getting 2 cookies and ice cream for a low price! The yummy cookies could be a treat on their own! You can absolutely share this one! (I mean i usually don’t, but you can if you are a little nicer than me)

You can get these a Hollywood Scoops for just 5.79!!

Pro tip stock up on napkins!


1. Mickey Pretzel


Did you really think I wouldn’t have something mickey shaped on this list!?  This pretzel is such an amazing treat with the cheese sauce is SO GOOD, I am obsessed! Soft and salty pretzel, my mouth is watering, this is an ABSOLUTE must have!

You can get these at some of the popcorn stands for 6 dollars!


I have finally made my cameo on the blog, appropriately on the Hollywood Studios post! I would love to hear about your favorite snacks from the park in the comments! And that’s a wrap!




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